About Us


Over the last 30 years, we have worked to revolutionize swine housing.  This pursuit has resulted in over 100 improvements over conventional, tunnel-style buildings.  These innovations have culminated in the healthiest, high-performing, and most cost-efficient pig barns available today.


Utilizing our patented vertical airflow system, proprietary heat exchangers, and automated control, AirWorks is the standard for excellence in swine housing.  

How will it work for me?

The primary focus in the evolution of the AirWorks system has been to provide the greatest long-term value to the producer.  The AirWorks system maximizes your ROI as well as provides the healthiest and productive environment for your herd.  

AirWorks is an official dealer of PigTek and Munters equipment

AgriNovis Innovation Summit Interview

Whiteshire Hamroc’s Dr. Mike Lemmon discusses AirWorks innovation.